Examining Kinect's Minority Report Effect

Kinect may be touted as the Xbox 360's answer to motion gaming, but it's not just about making you the controller. Kinect can also let you interact with television, movies, music and the Xbox 360 like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, just without the fancy gloves.


This video is a quite long, but in it you'll see how to send harassing voice messages to your Xbox Live friends, how to whip through movies by grabbing the air over your head and pulling and how Kinect can hear you whisper in a room filled with bass-pumping Texas rock.

For those not willing or able to sit through the video, here's the summary:

Kinect's ability to turn the air in front of your face into a touch screen that can control movies, music and a bit of the dashboard is the sort of magical experience Microsoft has been selling since they unveiled Kinect.

That said, the offerings at launch are very limited. You can create avatars, you can message friends, you can check out Last.FM, Zune or ESPN and that's about it.

What you can't do is use the Kinect's ability to recognize you as a new form of parental controls. Nor can you turn your Xbox 360 on or off. And you can't (at least yet) control my favorite non-gaming app on the dashboard: Netflix.

Still, what it does it does very well and I'm sure more is coming.



While the tech is cool and all I can't see it as much more than a "hey, check out my novelties!" for the time being. I appreciate microsoft trying something new, but it seems like its more effort than its worth at the moment. Just watching the demo here most of it looked not completely flushed out, and a bit clunky.

I do look forward to what they do with it in the future, and I hope it turns out to be as big as the hype they're trying to generate. I've seen far to many early versions of things like this just not go anywhere to dump 150 in to this.