With This Amazing Mod, Your Cube World Pets Can Become Pokemon

One of Cube World's neat features is that it lets you collect as many pets as you'd like. Under normal circumstances, you might already be tempted to catch 'em all—they're so cute! I imagine that if you install this Pokemon mod, which changes the models of mobs in Cube World to Pokemon, that inclination will become… » 7/18/13 9:15pm 7/18/13 9:15pm

Cube World Developer Says His Game's Servers Are Under Attack

Cube World's alpha launch has been a rocky one—eager fans waiting to get their hands on the immensely charming voxel RPG likely haven't been able to buy the game yet, even though the developers have been trying to sell it for days now. At first, it seemed like it was just immense demand that was breaking the servers.… » 7/08/13 9:00am 7/08/13 9:00am

Let's Watch Other People Play Cube World

Unfortunately, due to a number of server issues from having so many people try to download the game—which the developers say has acted similar to a DDoS attack—not everyone has been able to buy Cube World, the awesome-looking voxel adventure-RPG. What's the next best thing? Watching other people play it while we wait… » 7/05/13 8:00pm 7/05/13 8:00pm

Cube World is Now Available [UPDATED]

After an official release announcement, followed by a long day filled with server crashes, bug fixing and careful testing, Picroma's online store is officially back online, and Cube World, their voxel-based adventure-RPG sandbox, is available to purchase. » 7/04/13 9:10am 7/04/13 9:10am

You Could Briefly Buy and Play Cube World. Very Briefly. [UPDATED]

Yesterday, a post popped up on voxel-based PC adventure-RPG Cube World's forums. "It's finally happened, the moment we've all been waiting for," it said, "the game is available [to] play as a Demo and paid Alpha access." » 7/03/13 6:20am 7/03/13 6:20am

Yep, Cube World Still Looks Adorable

The developers of upcoming voxel-based sandbox RPG Cube World, Picroma, are posting a series of updates to their website discussing the many weapon skills each class will use in the game, starting with the Warrior. I want a plushie of that green thing. I don't even know what it is but I want to give it a hug. Please? » 6/13/13 11:30am 6/13/13 11:30am