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After an official release announcement, followed by a long day filled with server crashes, bug fixing and careful testing, Picroma's online store is officially back online, and Cube World, their voxel-based adventure-RPG sandbox, is available to purchase.


Still, developer Wollay maintains in his blog post that in case of overly high traffic, the shop might be disabled again. He also posted a list of frequently asked questions to help out with any issues people might be having with the game.

So, there you have it. Cube World is out, go get it—but not all at once, for goodness' sake.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, while the store itself is online, user registrations have been temporarily closed. On Twitter, Wollay noted that the huge amount of people trying to register at once is having an effect akin to a DDoS attack on Picroma's servers. Wollay reckons the situation "should get better in the next days."


UPDATE: On Picroma's website, Wollay wrote that the reason for the intermittent downtimes is that their servers keep coming under actual DDoS attacks. They're currently working on a solution.

UPDATE: Wollay talked to Kotaku about the problems plaguing Cube World's servers.


UPDATE: The worst seem to be over. Wollay tweeted that "things have settled down a lot" and that they hope to post more updates "soon."


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