After Disappearing For Six Years, Cube World Is Finally Coming Out

Illustration for article titled After Disappearing For Six Years, iCube World/i Is Finally Coming Out

The much-anticipated, long-simmering-in-development-hell Cube World is actually coming out, according to its developer, who said today that the exploration game will be out either this month or next.

Cube World will be released on Steam!” wrote developer Wolfram von Funck on Twitter this afternoon, linking to the game’s new Steam page. “Hopefully around the end of September/October 2019.”

Cube World, a voxel-based action-adventure game inspired by Zelda and Minecraft, has generated a great deal of hype since it was first announced in June 2011. A playable alpha came out in 2013 for those who paid for early access to the game, and it was real good. Since then, von Funck has been mostly silent, only emerging every few years to vaguely assure fans that the game wasn’t dead. Last weekend, he posted a few minutes of new gameplay footage:

Now, after years of sporadic updates and silence, Cube World is finally imminent. “Yes, owners of the alpha will get Steam keys,” von Funck added.

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Oh wow, Steam. Guess I won’t buy it because *reasons* and I am a *gamer* and I cannot support platform exclusivity.