System Flaw Is Actually The First DSi-only Game

Looks like we may have missed an announcement, because yesterday we incorrectly assumed that the first Nintendo DSi-only game in Japan would also be the first Nintendo DSi-only game released in North America. We didn't know about System Flaw. » 10/21/09 8:00pm 10/21/09 8:00pm

Gabe Newell "Gearbox" Poker Game Was "Tall Tale"

The story Kotaku ran yesterday regarding the origin of a poker game deciding whether Valve's Gabe Newell or Randy Pitchford could name their company Gearbox was a "tall tale," Pitchford told Kotaku this morning. I regret presenting it as fact. » 8/18/09 12:00pm 8/18/09 12:00pm