System Flaw Is Actually The First DSi-only Game

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Looks like we may have missed an announcement, because yesterday we incorrectly assumed that the first Nintendo DSi-only game in Japan would also be the first Nintendo DSi-only game released in North America. We didn't know about System Flaw.

That game, Nintendo DSi owners, will be the first retail release to claim the title of first DSi-only, the first to be packaged with said warning. System Flaw from Storm City Games is billed as an "innovative, action shooter" that uses the DSi's built-in cameras to" turn your surroundings into the playing environment, and your DSi into a weapon against attacking enemies."


And it hits next week, shipping to retail on October 27. Monster Finder is due until next year. My humblest apologies for the error. You'd think I would've known.

For further details on the first DSi-only game and screen shots of alien invaders attacking coffee cups, hit up the official site.

System Flaw [Storm City Entertainment]

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Am I the only one or is that the dumbest 90's esque video game box art in a while?