The Best Violent Moments In Video Games

There's really no getting around it: many, many games are about violence, and sometimes it can be a bit much. Kill this, kill that, kill this until it all feels the same, like mowing a lawn or stomping an anthill. We've written a ton about it. But violence can also be incredibly powerful and interesting. Let's talk… »6/27/14 10:07pm6/27/14 10:07pm

Video Proof That I Fought On Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard in Real Life at Call of Duty XP

One of the highlights of the Call of Duty XP convention was its paintball field recreation of "Scrapyard," a multiplayer map plucked from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I took a few stinging paintballs to the thigh and bicep for your enjoyment, if you couldn't make it to Los Angeles this past weekend. »9/06/11 6:00pm9/06/11 6:00pm

Teen Who Tore Modern Warfare Mom a New One is Embarrassed and Sorry [Updated]

[Updated] Last night, the fury took over. The first time in three weeks he fired up the Xbox 360, and some little shit was griefing him in Modern Warfare 2. Hell, he normally plays Battlefield. As the two yelled at each other across Xbox Live, Cody, 17, heard the voice of his antagonist's mother coming over the mike. »6/29/11 10:00pm6/29/11 10:00pm