The Best Violent Moments In Video Games

There's really no getting around it: many, many games are about violence, and sometimes it can be a bit much. Kill this, kill that, kill this until it all feels the same, like mowing a lawn or stomping an anthill. We've written a ton about it. But violence can also be incredibly powerful and interesting. Let's talk… » 6/27/14 10:07pm 6/27/14 10:07pm

This Might Be the Last Cosplay You'd Expect from Japan

When you think of Japan and cosplay, you probably imagine ladies dressed in skimpy anime outfits or dudes in Gundam gear. And you'd probably be right! That type of cosplay is prevalent, sure, but it's not the only game in town—especially with more and more Japanese players totally digging Call of Duty. » 12/03/12 7:30am 12/03/12 7:30am

Modern Warfare Map Returns, Minus the Offensive Imagery

Earlier this month, one of Modern Warfare 2's most popular maps, Favela, disappeared. The reason was that the map contained imagery some players found offensive: holy teachings written in a bathroom. » 10/23/12 7:20am 10/23/12 7:20am

The Continued Popularity of Call of Duty's Two, Three and Four Year Old…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's record-breaking, first-day sales are impressive, but almost more impressive is the life these Call of Duty games seem to have online. » 11/11/11 2:20pm 11/11/11 2:20pm

One Female Gamer Records A Warfare in Words

The latest Call of Duty's out today and there's going to be lots of trash talk and cuss words among the many fans who'll be cutting class, calling in sick and otherwise shirking their duties to play the latest entry in Activision's best -selling FPS series. But, as Jenny Haniver can attest, there's a special kind of… » 11/08/11 9:00am 11/08/11 9:00am

California Man Pleads Guilty to Trading Video Game Cheat Codes for…

A 22-year-old California man pled guilty today to child pornography charges for getting a 10-year-old boy to send nude pictures of himself in exchange for Call of Duty "cheat codes," according to U.S. Attorney court records. » 11/04/11 4:40pm 11/04/11 4:40pm

Video Proof That I Fought On Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard in Real Life…

One of the highlights of the Call of Duty XP convention was its paintball field recreation of "Scrapyard," a multiplayer map plucked from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I took a few stinging paintballs to the thigh and bicep for your enjoyment, if you couldn't make it to Los Angeles this past weekend. » 9/06/11 6:00pm 9/06/11 6:00pm

Call of Duty XP 'Juggernaut Sumo' Pits Grandpa vs. Grandson

One of the many activities on hand at this weekend's Call of Duty XP event—activities that earn attendees badges of honor—is Juggernaut Sumo. The game? Put on a bulky fat suit gussied up to look vaguely like a Juggernaut from Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode and... fight! » 9/03/11 5:30pm 9/03/11 5:30pm

A Remote Controlled Airplane Took This Real Call of Duty Photo

Call of Duty XP is an official COD gaming event that promises to do more than let players play Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. They'll also get a shot at running a real version of The Pit time course and experiencing the Scrapyard in-game map. » 9/01/11 6:00am 9/01/11 6:00am

Norwegian Retailers Pull Warcraft, Call of Duty Titles in Light of…

One week after 77 died in two attacks carried out by a militant extremist in Norway, two retailers have temporarily pulled copies of World of Warcraft and several Call of Duty games from shelves, citing their ties to the accused killer's manifesto. » 7/29/11 8:30pm 7/29/11 8:30pm

Modern Warfare Actor Won't Go to Court for Assault Charge

Earlier, British TV star Billy Murray, who voices Captain Price in Modern Warfare, was charged with assaulting his wife and 27-year-old daughter. Charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, reports the Mirror, ceasing any further actions. [Mirror Thanks, Tom!] » 7/13/11 3:00am 7/13/11 3:00am

Teen Who Tore Modern Warfare Mom a New One is Embarrassed and Sorry…

[Updated] Last night, the fury took over. The first time in three weeks he fired up the Xbox 360, and some little shit was griefing him in Modern Warfare 2. Hell, he normally plays Battlefield. As the two yelled at each other across Xbox Live, Cody, 17, heard the voice of his antagonist's mother coming over the mike. » 6/29/11 10:00pm 6/29/11 10:00pm

Everything Wrong with Online Gaming in Less Than Two Minutes [Updated]

There must be a reason why I don't talk to random people on Xbox Live. Oh, right. This is it. [Update]: We've gotten another copy of this video (above), which was pulled by YouTube shortly after our story aired. » 6/29/11 8:30am 6/29/11 8:30am

The Maker of Modern Warfare 3 Has 'Moved Beyond' Its Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward, the studio behind Call of Duty and Modern Warfare, is leaving its previously used game engine technology behind for Modern Warfare 3. Will that put an end to cracks about the developer using Quake III Arena-era tech? » 5/23/11 3:40pm 5/23/11 3:40pm

Modern Warfare Makers Complain Of Secret Call of Duty Games And More…

"Don't worry about it. It's impossible for you guys to get fired," Activision boss Bobby Kotick told Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella in 2008, according to a new cross-complaint filed today in a Los Angeles court. » 4/01/11 7:01pm 4/01/11 7:01pm

The Best Modern Warfare Fan Film Continues Briefly, But Beautifully

The gang at Corridor Digital, creators of great video game inspired shorts like Video Game Cheats In Real Life and The Last Minecart, continue their dazzling Modern Warfare fan-film "Frozen Crossing" with a muzzle flash-filled frozen moment. » 3/15/11 6:30pm 3/15/11 6:30pm

Does Online Multiplayer Really Matter All That Much?

Today in Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Luke874 wonders if we aren't putting too much emphasis on online multiplayer and neglecting games that don't have it. » 3/15/11 11:20am 3/15/11 11:20am

Modern Warfare 2 Patched Up To Fix Rampant Hacking On PS3... Is It…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward just issued an update to the PlayStation 3 version of the first-person shooter, an attempt to curb rampant hacking in the game's online multiplayer mode. It appears to be working (so far). » 3/08/11 3:40pm 3/08/11 3:40pm