"We're Creating A Jaw-Dropping New World": More Details About Disney's Star Wars Land

Yesterday, we learned that Disney is adding some absolutely massive Star Wars expansions to their Florida and California parks. Now here’s a video showing the highlights of Bob Iger’s keynote speech—along with more concept art that wasn’t officially released. » 8/16/15 1:56pm 8/16/15 1:56pm

Disney CEO Vows to Examine the Company's Violent Video Games, If Any Exist

In America's wrenching argument over how and why we have so many mass shootings, such as the ones at Newtown, Conn. and Aurora, Colo., many have pointed the finger at video game makers to demand they take a good hard look at what they sell and its effect on impressionable young minds. And one CEO has said he will.… » 1/25/13 6:00pm 1/25/13 6:00pm