142 Beautiful Photos Of Blade Runner's Model Cars, Buildings

I'm not kidding with that "beautiful" up there. These aren't even photos, they're scans of slides, and you just would not think they were taken over 30 years ago, during the making of one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. They look like they were shot yesterday, on a very expensive modern camera. » 3/17/15 1:00am 3/17/15 1:00am

12 "Futuristic" Worlds Where Everybody Uses Obsolete Technology

Imagining the future is a huge challenge — few people saw smartphones and DNA-based medicine coming. But if you want proof that "futuristic" science fiction is always about the present, just look at the obsolete devices people think will still be around. Here are 12 future visions that include tech we've already… » 10/15/14 1:48pm 10/15/14 1:48pm

$900 Blade Runner Gun Looks Totally Worth It

Yes, you read that right. This costs $900, not $90. But whatever. If it means I can walk around muttering "enhance" and shooting at robots, I'll pay it. » 6/19/14 9:21pm 6/19/14 9:21pm

It Took More Than 12,000 Paintings To Make Blade Runner This Beautiful

Swedish artist Anders Ramsell created 12,597 watercolor paintings to craft a 35 minute long "paraphrasing" of Ridley Scott's 1982 cult-classic science fiction film Blade Runner. It's like watching the movie in a dream. » 11/18/13 11:30am 11/18/13 11:30am

Blade Runner Gives Up, Goes 100% Noir

Blade Runner's already pretty damn noir, from the colour palette to the pacing. So a trailer pitching the movie as an actual 1940's black and white drama just makes sense, ok? » 10/17/13 2:00am 10/17/13 2:00am

Your Favourite Movie & TV Stars Have Come To Life

Artist and toy wizard Scott Petterson makes custom action figures. Big ones, with real clothes, and faces that look just like some of your favourite TV and movie stars, from stuff like Bladerunner, The Walking Dead and Dirty Harry. Oh, and Johnny Cash. » 8/30/13 2:00am 8/30/13 2:00am

10 Influential Movies (Where Everybody Copied the Wrong Thing)

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that changes everything. A film that rewrites the rules and influences a generation of film-makers. But all too often, the people who imitate these ground-breaking movies miss the point. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy movies from which everybody copied the wrong… » 8/21/13 1:39pm 8/21/13 1:39pm

I Would Play The Hell Out Of This Old-School Blade Runner Game

Maybe it's just the soft spot I'll always have for Westwood's underrated Blade Runner adventure game, but I immediately loved this new video from the 8-bit cinema purveyors at CineFix. » 8/14/13 7:30pm 8/14/13 7:30pm

I'm A Little Weirded Out By This "Sexy" Blade Runner Video

Joanna Cassidy had a small role in Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner. She was the mostly-naked robot lady with the snake. Well, according to Cassidy, the role was meant to be a little bigger, with the original script calling for a scene in which she did an exotic "reptile dance." » 1/24/13 3:00am 1/24/13 3:00am

Beijing Is So Smoggy Right Now It Looks Like Blade Runner

Eric has compared the dangerous smog in Beijing to Silent Hill. Fair based on the pics available yesterday, sure, but new images show things look far worse, especially when the sun starts to go down. » 1/14/13 10:00pm 1/14/13 10:00pm

How Blade Runner Teaches Bad Japanese Table Manners

It's something I've noticed. I've noticed it in the US, and I've noticed it among Westerners who visit Japan. After breaking apart chopsticks, they begin rubbing them together.

There might be reasons why Westerners do this with chopsticks: maybe they are worried about splinters or maybe it's something else. Maybe… » 7/09/12 4:01am 7/09/12 4:01am

Start Your Day With This Incredible Blade Runner Animation

Swedish reader Anders Ramsell has uploaded this clip that recreates the opening sequence of classic sci-fi flick Blade Runner as an animation. That uses over 3000 paintings. » 6/18/12 2:30am 6/18/12 2:30am

New Blade Runner Movie is a Sequel, Features Same Writer & Director…

While we've known for a while that Ridley Scott was working on a new Blade Runner movie, the project got a lot more exciting today with word that he'll be joined on the project by Hampton Fancher - who wrote the 1982 original - and that this will be a sequel. » 5/17/12 10:17pm 5/17/12 10:17pm

Blade Runner Replicated by Japan's Cosplaying Superstar

If you thought cosplayer Omi Gibson could only do amazing Metal Gear cosplays, then you haven't seen her Cloe Walsh from No More Heroes 2 cosplay. Or her Faith from Mirror's Edge cosplay. Or her Jill Valentine cosplay. » 2/02/12 6:00am 2/02/12 6:00am

Where Tokyo Meets Blade Runner

Phew. All this video game stuff, especially Battlefield 3 stuff, is wearing me out. Time to take a few minutes to chill, relax, watch a soothing movie where footage of modern-day Tokyo is played to the accompaniment of the Blade Runner soundtrack. » 10/26/11 4:30am 10/26/11 4:30am

Deckard's Gun Costs 900 Caps In New Vegas

We've seen an homage to Owen and Beru Lars, now reader Zack F. has found Deckard's gun in Blade Runner - called "That Gun" in-game - in Fallout: New Vegas. The sidearm has a street value of 900 caps. » 10/22/10 10:30pm 10/22/10 10:30pm