Cities: Skylines is about building cities and unleashing your urban designer, and now there’s a mod for the PC version of the game that will let you make sky roads that look right out of our best dystopian films.

In reality, the mod doesn’t seem all that complicated. Created by originalbassbass, the basic idea seems to be that these are invisible, elevated roads with lights on them. On face, that’s nothing special, but as you can see in the video above, designing a city around these sky roads really does make for something that defies the normal look of most Skylines creations.


As the creator says in the description for the mod, much of the credit here goes to Skylines modder nico_oas, whose Invisible Roads series of mods is what these sky roads are built out of.

In any case, I’m now eagerly awaiting the fully voiced Skylines cinematic in which a lone detective roams the skystreets of Neo Des Moines looking for his escaped toaster.

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