"Those are however small prices to pay for a game that may not advance some great BioShock cano

"Those are however small prices to pay for a game that may not advance some great BioShock canon, but still stands as a great way to round off your view of Rapture - a world that always felt like a designed dystopia more than a failed city suddenly converted into a much more plausible place." — From a fine new … »4/09/13 7:00pm4/09/13 7:00pm

For $30, BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition Includes Two Full Games, All the DLC and New Unseen Artwork

Sad that this March's BioShock Infinite won't be set in Rapture? You'll get a chance to re-visit the beautiful underwater city of the first two BioShock games with the newly announced Ultimate Rapture edition, which will boast an all-new Museum of Orphaned Concepts filled with concept art and character designs that… »1/04/13 8:30am1/04/13 8:30am

Ex-Bioshock Developers Announce Their Mysterious Exploration Game, Gone Home

The Fullbright Company, a new indie outfit that consists of three developers who among other high-profile games worked together on the fantastic Bioshock 2 add-on Minerva's Den, has announced its first game. It's called Gone Home, and it's a first-person game that revolves around exploration and discovery, rather… »5/08/12 4:30pm5/08/12 4:30pm

The First Statues For BioShock Infinite, Set For September(ish) 2012 [Corrected]

The amazing statue sculptors at NECA have new BioShock figures in the making. The coolest here at Toy Fair 2012 are the ones from BioShock Infinite. The new BioShock game is a long way away, so these won't be out, a NECA rep said, until Sept. 2012 or so. The game isn't slated for release until 2012 either. Waiting… »2/13/11 1:30pm2/13/11 1:30pm