Part of What Makes DayZ Great Is That It Isn't Finished

Usually, nothing is worse than playing a game that comes out into the world with random bugs, rough-hewn ideas and a lack of polish. But those same things have arguably made DayZ a chart-topping success story—more than a million copies sold in a month— ever since its standalone alpha version hit Steam a month ago. » 1/21/14 7:00pm 1/21/14 7:00pm

DayZ Spurs Mass In-Game Suicide

Dean Hall's popular zombie survival game is cruel and lonely. But the worst thing for many players is how much you need to run around to find anything useful. It's enough to make you want to end it all. » 1/20/14 9:40am 1/20/14 9:40am

A Six-Year Old is Modding Arma II, and He Made This Table

No, this isn't particularly spectacular for a mod, much less one for ArmA II, but it is one made by a six-year-old boy, who was curious why his dad spent so much time in front of the computer. When Myke Henkel told his son he was making things for a video game, son Samael insisted on building something himself. So the… » 3/30/13 11:26am 3/30/13 11:26am

A New Web Series That Brings DayZ Into The Real World

DayZ is the kind of game that creeps into the real world with you regardless, so it's fitting that the filmmakers at DDay Hollywood have decided to make a web series called "Apocalypse DayZ," which reimagines the game in the real world. » 3/12/13 8:00pm 3/12/13 8:00pm

DayZ Stalker Wants to Dismember You, Be With You Forever

Only in a game featuring permadeath could this stalker encounter become as macabre and hilarious as it is. "This crazy guy starting following me and threatening to cut my head off during a DayZ live stream," says the video's uploader. He really is running for his life, and his stalker really is suicidally obsessed… » 12/29/12 2:30pm 12/29/12 2:30pm

A Year's Worth Of Stupidly Realistic Military Simulator Action

Forget all these DayZ blow-ins. Before there were zombies, BI's ArmA II was a game known for its brutal adherence to military strategy, an uncompromising sandbox in which people could get close—but not too close—to actual combat conditions. » 12/18/12 2:00am 12/18/12 2:00am

DayZ Developers Not Pleased About Real-Money Mod

The stakes almost always feel high in the zombie-survival game DayZ. Your life can end at any moment, and from any of a huge number of causes, and if you die, you'll lose all your precious gear and have to start over. » 11/07/12 5:30pm 11/07/12 5:30pm

Arrested Developers Were Working on New Areas For DayZ

Following up from last week's release, and to answer questions people have had in the wake of them, the team working on the standalone DayZ game have put out more screenshots showing off the interior sections. » 10/21/12 8:00pm 10/21/12 8:00pm

These Real Soldiers Are Being Trained On Amazing Video Games

The use of glorified video games to train military personnel is nothing new, but traditionally, it's been pretty stodgy stuff, not really the kind of thing casual users would be particularly jealous of. » 9/07/12 2:30am 9/07/12 2:30am

Trust No One in DayZ—Especially Those With a Helicopter

It's tempting. You're in an ultra-realistic, post-apocalyptic fight for survival, and some helpful human players show up in a goddamn helicopter of all things, blow away the zombie menacing you, and invite you aboard. And why wouldn't you join them? It's great to have friends with aircraft. Except these aren't your… » 8/18/12 4:00pm 8/18/12 4:00pm

DayZ Hackers Introduce Death by Teleporting Dance Party

Hackers are rampant throughout zombie survival mod DayZ, and while this can often by a massive pain in the ass, it can also - occasionally - be cause for celebration. » 8/12/12 7:30pm 8/12/12 7:30pm

DayZ Has Now Scared One Million People Witless

In case you needed further proof of the strength of the PC market, or the importance of allowing mods in PC games, DayZ - a zombie survival sim for hardcore military shooter ArmA II - has just recorded its millionth unique player. » 8/06/12 11:30pm 8/06/12 11:30pm

People Resort To Some Terrible Things For Survival In DayZ

From the YouTube creators that brought you the live-action video of the miserable experience that is finding each other » 7/25/12 9:00pm 7/25/12 9:00pm in mod, , comes this latest live-action episode.

Meet the Guys Who Kidnap, Then Mess With, Other Humans in DayZ

So, that nutty DayZ video from the other day, when a guy gets on a bus thinking he's going to be saved only to end up exceedingly unsafe? It was seen from the perspective of the poor guy on the receiving end. » 7/25/12 3:30am 7/25/12 3:30am

An Innocent DayZ Bus Ride Turns Into A Fight For Survival

A lot of zombie fiction seeks to explore the dark underbelly of humanity—sure, there are flesh-eating undead shambling around, but we are the real monsters. DayZ, the popular Arma II mod, captures that human desperation and darkness in an often unsettling manner. » 7/23/12 6:00pm 7/23/12 6:00pm

The Hard-Boiled Guardian Angel of DayZ

It's a hard-knock life in DayZ. The zombies aren't nearly as dangerous as the people roaming the wasteland, and rookies and veterans alike know that death is always looming close. And so it's all the more remarkable that there are men and women out there like Dr. Wasteland, a flinty, dedicated surgeon who makes it his… » 7/18/12 4:30pm 7/18/12 4:30pm

What Is the Day Z Creator More Afraid of Than Zombies? Loyal Fans.

Day Z, the apocalyptic survival mod developed for Arma II, has taken the world by storm. Over half a million players have downloaded it, it's causing sales of a reasonably obscure three-year-old game to skyrocket, and some folks are calling it the best zombie game ever made. And while half the best experiences and… » 7/13/12 10:00am 7/13/12 10:00am

DayZ Creator Ponders a Free-to-Play Standalone Version

DayZ, the Arma II mod that places players in a tense, realistic survival against a zombie outbreak, is easily one of the most compelling PC games of the year. It's amassed more than 400,000 users since its release in April and, if its current rate holds, will surpass half a million sometime in the next week, the mod's… » 7/08/12 12:00pm 7/08/12 12:00pm