Part of What Makes DayZ Great Is That It Isn't Finished

Usually, nothing is worse than playing a game that comes out into the world with random bugs, rough-hewn ideas and a lack of polish. But those same things have arguably made DayZ a chart-topping success story—more than a million copies sold in a month— ever since its standalone alpha version hit Steam a month ago. »1/21/14 7:00pm1/21/14 7:00pm


A Six-Year Old is Modding Arma II, and He Made This Table

No, this isn't particularly spectacular for a mod, much less one for ArmA II, but it is one made by a six-year-old boy, who was curious why his dad spent so much time in front of the computer. When Myke Henkel told his son he was making things for a video game, son Samael insisted on building something himself. So the… »3/30/13 11:26am3/30/13 11:26am

Trust No One in DayZ—Especially Those With a Helicopter

It's tempting. You're in an ultra-realistic, post-apocalyptic fight for survival, and some helpful human players show up in a goddamn helicopter of all things, blow away the zombie menacing you, and invite you aboard. And why wouldn't you join them? It's great to have friends with aircraft. Except these aren't your… »8/18/12 4:00pm8/18/12 4:00pm

What Is the Day Z Creator More Afraid of Than Zombies? Loyal Fans.

Day Z, the apocalyptic survival mod developed for Arma II, has taken the world by storm. Over half a million players have downloaded it, it's causing sales of a reasonably obscure three-year-old game to skyrocket, and some folks are calling it the best zombie game ever made. And while half the best experiences and… »7/13/12 10:00am7/13/12 10:00am

DayZ Creator Ponders a Free-to-Play Standalone Version

DayZ, the Arma II mod that places players in a tense, realistic survival against a zombie outbreak, is easily one of the most compelling PC games of the year. It's amassed more than 400,000 users since its release in April and, if its current rate holds, will surpass half a million sometime in the next week, the mod's… »7/08/12 12:00pm7/08/12 12:00pm