An Innocent DayZ Bus Ride Turns Into A Fight For Survival

A lot of zombie fiction seeks to explore the dark underbelly of humanity—sure, there are flesh-eating undead shambling around, but we are the real monsters. DayZ, the popular Arma II mod, captures that human desperation and darkness in an often unsettling manner.

Here's a great case in point. As tends to be the case in great DayZ stories, it all starts when a guy gets on a bus.


His drivers promise him a refugee camp where he can get all sorts of great gear and weaponry; all he has to do is lay down his arms and go on a ride. After that comes… well… watch it for yourself.

(Via Quarter to Three)

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Couch Commando

Am I the only one here who cringed at the awkwardness of the guy essentially role playing in the game. Recruitment process I was ok with, but talking about how he believes that they can rebuild society and how there can be a flourishing society once again.....that makes my cringe. Like....its one thing when you do it in DnD, because there you can actually change the games world. But in this game for example....its impossible, sooo why is he saying all this. There is no building a society because that is not the game. Unless I am wrong and the end game to this mod you build a society correct me if I am wrong. To me he is saying all this random crap that is impossible in the game...and me going yeaaaaah sure buddy.