Dude Gets Kidnapped in DayZ, Tweets the Whole Thing [Update]

The best thing about zombie mod DayZ is that, because there's not much to do in the thing aside from kill/avoid zombies, people are left to their own devices. Some like to roam solo. Some like to team up and stay alive.


Others like to gang up and kidnap other players.

Aussie writer Adam Ruch was minding his own business earlier today in the game when five guys cornered him, pointed weapons at him and took him hostage. What follows is...bizarre, as he leaves breadcrumbs of information for the world of his "ordeal" as he's made the gang's "slave", pressed into service as zombie bait.

You can read the whole thing below.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

UPDATE - Adam has sat down and written up a full account of the experience, which you can read over on Games.on.net. Best part? Screencaps.


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