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A Six-Year Old is Modding Arma II, and He Made This Table

Illustration for article titled A Six-Year Old is Modding emArma II/em, and He Made This Table

No, this isn't particularly spectacular for a mod, much less one for ArmA II, but it is one made by a six-year-old boy, who was curious why his dad spent so much time in front of the computer. When Myke Henkel told his son he was making things for a video game, son Samael insisted on building something himself. So the two collaborated on this—well, OK, it's a table, that's all.


Still, "We did the modeling together as well as the textures," Henkel wrote in this post on the game's official forum. "He worked on them and I assisted to fill the knowledge gaps. The result was a table." Henkel makes it clear that his son was at the keyboard the whole time. "I was just standing next to him to tell him what he can do next."

What's that? You want to download it? You can grab Samael's Table here.

Good work, dad, Sam will be on his way to making missions before you know it. They grow up so fast ...


The Best In-Game Table You’ll Ever See [Rock, Paper, Shotgun. h/t Lars]

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