It's tempting. You're in an ultra-realistic, post-apocalyptic fight for survival, and some helpful human players show up in a goddamn helicopter of all things, blow away the zombie menacing you, and invite you aboard. And why wouldn't you join them? It's great to have friends with aircraft. Except these aren't your friends.

If you're playing DayZ, the ArmA II mod and see a helicopter piloted by two dudes in ghillie suits, stay the fuck away. Do not climb aboard. Because they will then transport you to "Schadenfreude Island," 14 kilometers off shore, where there are no respawn buttons. You'll be stuck there idling until your character finally dies.

"Don't get on the chopper in 1524," advises one. "DayZ, the post-apocalyptic griefing scenario for douchebags," says another. If this game had a box, I'd put that on the back of it.

[h/t Elliott D.]