High Fives In DayZ? Not Even Once.

These 40 seconds represent the very essence of the open world survival horror game DayZ.


DayZ is a tough game, and YouTuber 1TimeGames was lucky enough not to get shot. But this is just hilarious. One big disappointing high-five.

DayZ - Tried to high-five a guy coming out of Grishino [YouTube]

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Yeah with the immaturity of gamers today a ffa survival horror game just doesn't work. The fact its FFA pvp is why I never bought DayZ in the first place, too many griefers out there who need to be a prick to someone else to make them feel good about themselves. IMO they should make a server where player vs player combat is disabled, and have both server types. I guarntee the one with pvp disabled will be much more full.