Um, There Are Zombies In Buck Hunter Now

Look, there's only so many years you can keep shooting innocent defenceless animals before the formula gets a little stale. Which might explain why the next Buck Hunter arcade game—Big Buck HD Wild—is full of zombies. » 3/22/15 8:00pm 3/22/15 8:00pm

How to Beat up Pokémon in Japanese Arcades

The new Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament is hitting arcades in Japan this summer, and a new trailer is out to offer new details, including a breakdown of the controls. » 2/19/15 5:30am 2/19/15 5:30am

Nintendo's Ballsy Star Wars Knock-Off

Dissidia Final Fantasy Takes The Fight To Japanese Arcades

Announced this weekend at the Japanese Amusement Expo, Dissidia Final Fantasy takes Square Enix's franchise-wide fighting game from the PSP to the arcade with three-on-three battles between a horde of iconic characters. » 2/14/15 12:02pm 2/14/15 12:02pm

Pac-Man Ghosts Are Smarter Than You Think

Pac-Man might not seem like much next to today's hyper-realistic gun, dungeon, and gungeon-packed blockbusters, but the tiny puck that aspired to manhood inhabited a surprisingly complex world. His nemeses, the ghosts, are still pretty clever, even by modern video game standards. » 2/04/15 7:50pm 2/04/15 7:50pm

The Left 4 Dead Arcade is Basically Left 4 Dead 2, But Worse

This past weekend, needing a bit of zombie killing in my life, I joined some friends at a local arcade to spend some time with Left 4 Dead Survivors. Honestly, I wish I'd just stayed home and played Left 4 Dead 2. » 1/20/15 4:30am 1/20/15 4:30am

Dude Smashes The Mario Bros. World Record

Tom Votava's score of 4,678,440, a Mario Bros. world record that has stood since 2009, has been smashed by Florida man Steven Kleisath, who earlier today set a new high score of 5,424,920. » 1/05/15 11:30pm 1/05/15 11:30pm

Dude Kills Arcade Machine With Badass Spinning Kick

It's a boxing game, dude. You're breaking the rules. And by the look of that hit counter going beserk in slow-mo, you're breaking the game as well. » 12/18/14 7:00pm 12/18/14 7:00pm

An Unexpected Nintendo Game Is Headed To Arcades

Nintendo has a long (like, real long) history with arcade gaming, a tradition that's continued into recent times with stuff like F-Zero and Mario Kart. But those are two games you would expect to see in an arcade. Nintendo's latest arcade title, Luigi's Mansion, is not. » 11/03/14 8:30pm 11/03/14 8:30pm

Pokkén Tournament Even Surprised Tekken's Producer

If You Want To Play This Arcade Game, You've Gotta Find It

The MAME emulator has, for over a decade now, let people play arcade classics in the comfort of their own home. But it's worth remembering that while the vast majority of games are out there and playable, at least in some form, not all of them are. Some, you simply have to play on the real thing. » 8/13/14 9:30pm 8/13/14 9:30pm

This Is How You Run A Convention Arcade Room

All you need is a row of projection screens, some colorful lighting and large dark room to put them in. If you do it right, the gamers will bring the funk to finish it off. BronyCon does it right. » 8/02/14 11:00am 8/02/14 11:00am

New Transformers Co-Op Arcade Shooter

I've spent a lot of tokens happily playing goofy shooter Let's Go Jungle at Chuck E Cheese, so Sega's new game Transformers: Human Alliance is right up my alley: » 7/21/14 4:20pm 7/21/14 4:20pm

For $3400, This Arcade Had Better Be Pretty

The R-Kaid-R has a very practical purpose. It's a portable emulator machine with an arcade stick, meaning you can play loads of your favourite classic games the way they were supposed to be played, anywhere you want. » 7/04/14 10:00am 7/04/14 10:00am

Super Rare Arcade Game Now Playable Like It's No Big Deal

If the experts are correct then there are only two Primal Rage 2 arcade boards in existence, giving it a near legendary status. Now there's one sitting in the Galloping Ghost Arcade ruining all that elusive mystique. » 6/23/14 5:30am 6/23/14 5:30am