The Moon Sneezes Its Way into Your Heart in This Little-Kid Version of the Universe

My two-year-old daughter doesn't think of stars as huge bodies of flaming gas millions of miles away. She thinks of them as little five-pointed symbols that live inside books and on top of Christmas trees. In similar fashion, she knows that there's a moon in the sky but also thinks the glowing circles formed by domed… »1/09/13 11:30am1/09/13 11:30am

Controlling Your Toilet? Checking Your Poop? There's an App for That.

Japanese toilet tech is world class. For decades now, the country's loos have had more than heated seats and control panels. There's all kinds of fancy toilet tech for high end models. That's probably why when Japanese people visit, say, the U.S., the cold toilet seats and lack of throne features truly baffle them. »12/15/12 2:00am12/15/12 2:00am