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Nintendo Wants Unreal Engine And Online Game Experience for App Development Jobs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nintendo already released its first smartphone app Miitomo earlier this year. Now, apparently, it’s hiring more folks for future ones.

According to Game Watch Impress, the listings are for both the company’s Kyoto headquarters and its Tokyo office. They might give an insight as to what Nintendo is up to.


These listings come as last year Nintendo announced it was entering into a partnership with Japanese company DeNA to produce smart device apps.

For the Kyoto listing, the job is a development position and entails, among other duties, designing apps for smart devices and planning game servers. Nintendo is looking for candidates with smart device game app development experience, those who know a great deal about the particular qualities of smartphone graphics, those with network game server development experience, and finally, those who have worked with Unity, Cocos2d-x, and UnrealEngine.


For the Tokyo listing, the job is for the developing various software for smart devices. It entails dealing with the server system, with client apps, and with the “library.” (So, perhaps “library” means older Nintendo titles? Or maybe it means managing the inevitable line-up of apps? I’m not sure. Kotaku reader Wiim points out that “library” refers to the reusable set of code.) Requirements include experience developing smart device apps, experience developing online games for smart device apps, experience working in a native Android and iOS development environment, and experience working with Unity, Cocos2d-x, and UnrealEngine.

The applications listings are in Japanese only.

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