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Unofficial Remote Play App Brings PS4 Games To PC, But It'll Cost You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Playing PlayStation 4 games on your Vita is nice. Playing them on your PC with mouse and keyboard would be even nicer. Independent developer Twisted plans to release an unofficial Remote Play app for PC this week, but it won’t be free.

Several developers have had success developing Android apps that mimic the PlayStation Vita’s ability to remote play PlayStation 4 games over the past year or so. Twisted is one of them. In fact the program we see in action in the YouTube video below (via PC Games N) began is pretty much his Android app ported to PC.

The functionality seems to all be there, though lag might make keyboard and mouse controls something to worry about later. Previously in order to Remote Play PS4 games on PC gamers had to run Android emulation of one of that platform’s programs on PC. A native application is much more approachable for the everyday user.


Twisted plans on releasing the initial version of the software later this week, though I worry he could run into a Sony-branded snag. He plans on charging for the app—somewhere around $10—in order to support his living costs.

I can easily see Sony taking exception to someone tapping into their functionality for profit. Then again, how hard would it be for Sony to release its own PC client for this? We can stream Xbox One games to our Windows 10 PCs, after all.


Stay tuned to Twisted’s blog for Remote Play PC release news.

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