The 'Shop Is Closed: We're taking a break from the Kotaku 'Shop Contest because I won't be around next weekend to round up the results and provide a new exploitable. We'll return with a new challenge on Sept. 22.

A Note About Sunday Comics

Nerd Rage, by Andy Kluthe, has joined our lineup, beginning today. We haven't gotten rid of Nerf This, which many of you have pointed out doesn't carry much of a gaming theme. That said, it was voted in by the readership, and I don't feel like being a dick to Nerf This creator Scott Ferguson and kicking him out. I…


Programming Note

Ordinarily, I don't like to announce when I'm skipping town for 10 days, as the meth-heads tend to come over and borrow shit. Permanently. However, as all of said shit is in that truck you see above, and I'm going to be in the cab, I don't have much problem telling you I am on vacation once my shift ends today, and…