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Nerd Rage, by Andy Kluthe, has joined our lineup, beginning today. We haven't gotten rid of Nerf This, which many of you have pointed out doesn't carry much of a gaming theme. That said, it was voted in by the readership, and I don't feel like being a dick to Nerf This creator Scott Ferguson and kicking him out. I haven't even spoken to him about this; it's not his fault, and I don't want my issues encroaching on his editorial independence. So he stays as long as he likes or until we vote on features again.


Nerd Rage was No. 12 in the voting last month. (Remember, we had one guy who didn't return our messages seeking republishing permission, so we had to move on.) So, from now on you'll get 11 comics each week. The first 10 will be our regular slate of gaming-themed features. And then you can enjoy the variety of Nerf This as a chaser.


This seemed to be the best way to resolve a process that had created some misunderstanding among readers. Bottom line, we have 11 comics instead of 10. More is better, right? Thanks for reading Sunday Comics, and thanks for reading Kotaku.

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Hastings the Hawk

How about getting rid of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things? I never get what's it about because I don't read the rest of the comics and the one strip you post a week is part of an overarching story. Sunday Comics should strive to be non-sequitur. If people already read MGDMT then they'd understand what was happening, but by that token they wouldn't have to read it again here.