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Kotaku is Back—and Fully Operational

Illustration for article titled Kotaku is Back—and Fully Operational

Welcome back to Kotaku.

The site and all of its features are now fully restored after a nearly weeklong outage brought on by Hurricane Sandy. The entire staff thanks you for your understanding and your readership as we continued our work with a different web presence this past week.


We've imported all of the stories we published on the Kotumblr this past week but we have to polish them up for our publication system, so if things look a little weird (and then suddenly change), that's why.

As for the Kotumblr, many readers have inquired as to what is to become of the lifeboat we clambered into when the flooding on Monday evening brought down our data center. We're not sure yet what our plans are but we do intend to keep it and make it useful. And we thank Tumblr for being so welcoming to us and our colleagues in all of Gawker Media's publications.


Of course, we recognize that right now there are matters more urgent than video games and services more important than writing about them. Millions of people were in Hurricane Sandy's path and many need help today and in the weeks to come. Donating to recovery efforts is as quick and simple as sending a text message. Here's how.

For now, our recovery is complete, and whatever normalcy we can control has been restored. With a team of writers working all over the world, 24 hours a day, Kotaku is back to serve you once again.

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I bit confused as to what happening with the news stories on the right side. Are you just continuing with a blank slate or are you going to get the news stories from before the flood up there as well?

And are you migrating stories from Kotumbler here as well?

EDIT: Wait you already done it as I was posting. I'm slow.