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Hey Kotaku, I'm Your Weekend Editor

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Top o' the weekend to you, Kotaku! I'm Dan Crabtree, and I'll be filling in for Owen for the next two days as your weekend editor. While I may not be able to promise you that Half Life 3 will ever be announced, I can promise that I'll dish up a healthy helping of gaming goodness and internet culture for the next 48 hours. Accord? Accord.


Outside of the normal news duties, I'll be letting you in on a few secrets over the course of the weekend. Secrets like:

  • Game Center hacks and the Angry Birds career they destroyed
  • My doomed love story in Grand Theft Auto... IV (whooaaaa)
  • The key to a smoky, zesty chicken salad/healthy marriage/bank vault
  • World War I's unplayable tragedies
  • Of Evermore

I figure once you know all that, you'll be pretty invincible. If that doesn't work, see if you can charter a 92,960,000 mile flight to the closet star (the sun), eat that, and then you should be in good shape. Seizure warning, though.

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What, me? Hey, thanks for asking.

I'm a full-time IT guy and part-time freelance writer living just outside of Washington D.C. I've written for all kinds of outlets, including Complex when Tina Amini was still there. I've also seen Jason Schreier purchase and consume an ice cream cone inside PAX East, and have said unbearably kind things to Kirk Hamilton behind his back.

The other end of the tug-of-war pictured above is Chewy, my dog, who has read several of Aristotle's treatises and describes them as "pedestrian." When he's not wearing a cone, we hang out and play just about every genre of game. I have a weak spot for charming platformers (everybody loves Rayman) and anything BioShock. But don't listen to Chewy — I totally liked Dead Space when it was still alive and just called Space. Don't even get me started on LIMBO.

Oh, and I was on the front page of Kotaku during E3 2012! Check it out - I'm the unbelievably cool dude in the pleather jacket and jeans in LA in June:

Illustration for article titled Hey emKotaku/em, Im Your Weekend Editor

Hey, Kotaku, I'm super excited to create and curate content for you this weekend. If you want to reach out, feel free to hit me up in the comments or on Twitter @DanRCrabtree.

Thanks for having me!

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Dear Kotaku,

Someone please explain this before I cry myself to death.

What is this silly shenanigans.