Hello Kotaku! I'll Be Your Editor Again This Weekend.

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Hey, Kotaku. It's me, Mike Rougeau, again. I'm going to be your editor for the weekend. That means that Owen likely got fired again, or maybe he's just missing. I honestly have no idea.

In case you don't know me, I'll reintroduce myself: my name is Mike Rougeau. That's me and Ricky the Dog again up top in the Best Photoshop Ever. I like video games. I write about them fairly often (sometimes every day). My words have appeared (and, in select cases, continue to appear) in Complex Magazine, TechRadar, 1UP, G4, IFC, and many other publications.


Last time I was here we discussed some quite serious stuff. Things like the apocalypse, gamers' responses to tragedies, sketchy game developers, and even declaring war on the NRA.

But we also got to talk about some of my favorite games (this is a gaming website, after all), including Dark Souls, Little Inferno, and, uh, Avatar 2.


With nothing quite so pressing or heavy going on this weekend, we'll have to settle for things like the PlayStation 4, Assassin's Creed, freemium games, Fox News's sloppy reporting, and Al Gore. Watch out for these topics and more over the next couple days as I leave my fleeting but satisfactory mark on your lives once again.

Oh, and I'll try not to write anything about Dark Souls for a change this time. (that picture doesn't count). Let's get started!

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Are you the guy that has the awesome Dark Souls hoodie?