Chinese Audience Unimpressed By Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution was released in the US late last year. The movie, shot completely in 3D and in 4K resolution had some pretty awesome special effects. It made a decent amount of money in most of its release markets but despite all the money it made, Chinese moviegoers seem to be unhappy with the movie. They… » 3/25/13 7:33am 3/25/13 7:33am

Resident Evil 6 Creators Talk About Ada Wong, And Warn Players Not To…

With the release of Resident Evil 6 » 8/02/12 7:00am 8/02/12 7:00am only two months away, more and more information and footage is being released, I may not even need to play the game to find out all the "mysteries…" With the latest information of , the producers sat down for an interview in this week's to talk about the new scenario.