Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: The Kotaku Collection

You can play Borderlands 2 and its associated DLC and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and its DLC today, just like you could yesterday. But this time, it’s all packaged together for the new-gen consoles in a definitive collection with some new features, like four-player splitscreen. » 3/24/15 10:00am 3/24/15 10:00am

Evolve: The Kotaku Review

I've been playing a lot of Evolve over the last week and the questions I hear are all the same: Are you tired of this game yet? Is it really repetitive? The answer to each is, simply, no and yes, respectively. » 2/17/15 10:00am 2/17/15 10:00am

Tips For Playing Evolve

When you start playing Evolve, you'll probably suck. Even as you get better, you'll still run into players who also suck. It can be frustrating. So, let's skip the learning through trial by (sometimes literal) fire, and get ahead of the curve. » 2/13/15 2:05pm 2/13/15 2:05pm

PSA: Don't Use Your Evolve Account On Multiple Consoles

Some Evolve players' progress is being wiped when they attempt to try to access their game's data from a second console, myself included. It's not clear why yet, but you should probably avoid playing between consoles if you value your time. » 2/12/15 10:40am 2/12/15 10:40am

What Buying Evolve Gets You

If you're planning on grabbing Evolve when it launches tomorrow, you'll pretty much be getting a multiplayer experience similar in concept to Left 4 Dead where you can take on one of three monsters as one of 12 hunters (or vice versa). But it's a bit more complicated than that. » 2/09/15 2:00pm 2/09/15 2:00pm

Evolve Impressions: ‘Just One More Round’

Evolve can be simplified in many ways, and you've probably heard them all before. It's a first-person shooter. It's like Left 4 Dead, four players banding together, but you're up against a Tank—played by a fifth player—each round. It's one big boss battle, over and over. But the details that go into the new game,… » 2/09/15 11:00am 2/09/15 11:00am

Sid Meier's Starships Takes You Even Deeper into Space

There's going to be even more sci-fi-styled Civilization action coming this spring, with a new strategy game coming from legendary game designer Sid Meier picking up where Civilization: Beyond Earth left off. » 1/19/15 8:52am 1/19/15 8:52am

Sick Kid Put In Video Game, Will Dunk All Over You

Matt Simon, a teenage basketball fan, is currently battling a "debilitating disease". Not that you'd know this, since he also just hit the free agent pool in NBA2K15, meaning anyone with the game can now have him go face-to-face with (or put him in the same lineup as) LeBron James. » 1/18/15 9:00pm 1/18/15 9:00pm

I Wish This Was BioShock Infinite's Story

In case you forgot, Valve's Source Filmmaker is an extremely powerful tool for turning games into movies. Sometimes we get things like the fantastic Team Fortress 2 End of the Line short. Other times we get sheer, unbridled madness. These videos starring BioShock's Booker DeWitt are the latter. » 12/22/14 5:50pm 12/22/14 5:50pm

'Major PSN Hack' May Be A Fake [UPDATES]

Don't freak out: despite widespread reports you might have seen today, the alleged "major security breach" affecting the PlayStation Network and other services could very well be a fake. » 11/21/14 3:20pm 11/21/14 3:20pm

Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization

From the very first game in the series through to today, India's supposedly-peaceful leader Gandhi has been famous for one thing: dropping nukes. And there's a very good reason for it. » 11/03/14 10:40am 11/03/14 10:40am

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Lets You Play As Three Handsome Jacks

The Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel arrives November 11, allowing players to take on the role of a faux Handsome Jack and his erstwhile companions, Handsome Jack and Handsome Jack. » 11/02/14 4:00pm 11/02/14 4:00pm

Official Civilization LEGO Doesn't Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

It's not a smug Gandhi, or a Great Library, but this new project on LEGO's Ideas platform is nevertheless an official piece of Civilization LEGO. It just needs some votes to help turn it into a real thing you can buy. » 10/27/14 9:14pm 10/27/14 9:14pm

New Civ Game Could Do With Some Old (And New!) Religions

The latest Civ title, Beyond Earth, is pretty good, even if parts of the game are a little more pedestrian than others. Maybe there's a reason for that. Maybe all the game needed was a little more faith. » 10/26/14 8:00pm 10/26/14 8:00pm

Civilization: Beyond Earth: The Kotaku Review

The New Borderlands Has The Most Australian Joke Ever

If you're Australian, you'll know what a "bogan" is. If not, know they're a derided - but also strangely lovable - rung on the ladder that is Australian society. Think rednecks, only with universally high-pitched voices, and a condition that makes them end every sentence with the word "c**t". » 10/17/14 7:15pm 10/17/14 7:15pm

BioShock For iOS Is The Worst Way To Play A Great Game

BioShock is a classic first-person shooter. Getting the game on your iPhone and iPad might therefore seem like a steal—even if it's a hefty $14.99 one. But don't be fooled by the high-profile mobile port that came out last week: this is not BioShock as I remember it. » 9/01/14 1:30pm 9/01/14 1:30pm

Attention Borderlands fans: Gearbox just released 14 more minutes of butt-stomping action from the upcoming "Pre-Sequel," out this October for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Watch the new video above and read our thoughts on a recent preview for the game here. » 7/07/14 12:45pm 7/07/14 12:45pm