SNAPSHOT | Motorstorm: Apocalypse's review code press mailing. (Photo by me)

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Motorstorm In a CanNotorious Illegal Immigration iPhone Game Tweaks Critics With Legal Immigration Mode

If turning the plight of illegal immigrants risking their lives to sneak into the U.S. into a goofy iPhone racing game didn't amuse critics of Smuggle Truck: More »

Motorstorm In a CanThe Joker And Harley Quinn Run Wild In The Batman: Arkham City Comic Series

Comic artist Carlos D'Anda expertly captures the insane intensity of Gotham City's most diabolical duo in this exclusive peek at the cover art for Batman: More »

Motorstorm In a CanHow Can Good Triumph Over Evil When Evil Is So Awesome?

It's more than just blue lasers versus red lasers in our Monday installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku, when commenter KingKellogg the Waffle Haggler ponders the eternal question: More »

Motorstorm In a CanEarthquake Relief, 99 Cents At a Time

It was like a freight train hit the building. Wil McLellan was in the boardroom of New Zealand game developers Stickmen Studios when he felt the room start to vibrate. More »


Motorstorm In a CanThe Creators Of RuneScape Take-On Massively Multiplayer Transformers [Update]

Autobots wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons online next year, as Hasbro grants the power to create a massively multiplayer online game based on the robots in disguise to Jagex, the folks behind popular free-to-play MMO RuneScape. More »

Motorstorm In a CanDragon Age II Trades Epic Adventure For Gritty Action

While the heroes of Dragon Age: Origins were busy saving the world, Hawke and his family were running for their lives. Their tale of survival and triumph amidst a city on the verge of turning on itself is the focus of the darker, grittier Dragon Age II. More »

Motorstorm In a CanPortal 2's Newest Character Is Hilarious (And Possibly Malevolent)

At some unspecified moment in Portal 2, we're going to hear from Cave Johnson, the man who founded Portal research lab Aperture Science. Why we're hearing him is a mystery still unexplained. More »

Motorstorm In a Can45 Minutes With Star Wars: The Old Republic, My First MMO In Four Years

I haven't played a massively multiplayer online game since the single Saturday afternoon I spent four years ago raising a World of Warcraft Tauren Druid to level 12. More »

Motorstorm In a CanEl Shaddai, If Nothing Else, Is One Gorgeous Video Game

The makers of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron don't clutter their game with health bars and point-counters.* They don't put anything in the way of the beautiful game they're creating, one of the head-turners at PAX East in Boston this past weekend. More »

Motorstorm In a CanLand-A Panda Is A Cannon-Based Cure For The Common Sad Panda

Any zoologist will tell you that panda breeding is a delicate operation. It requires setting the right mood, making sure the two pandas are a good match, and shooting one of them out of multiple cannons until he lands next to his mate. More »

Take care of yourself Ash. No matter how far you are from the immediacy of the devastation, it's going to impact you. I'm in the middle of trying to plan a quickie fundraiser here in Denver (yes, while I pack up an entire house and buy and sell homes). If it happens I'll be giving away tons of swag to help raise money for Japan. Swag like that Motorstorm: Apocalypse tin I received today.–Brian Crecente

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