How Can Good Triumph Over Evil When Evil Is So Awesome?

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It's more than just blue lasers versus red lasers in our Monday installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku, when commenter KingKellogg the Waffle Haggler ponders the eternal question: Why is being evil more exciting than being good?


Boredom the Path to evil!!

When playing choice games where you aren't allowed to kill random civilians I tend to play more naturally, but when a game gives me the ability to kill civilians I tend to go completely berserk.


When I played through Infamous I played naturally for the first three or so hours, but then I got bored with not fighting enough, there just weren't enough enemies for me. So I started blowing up cars, then some punk took a picture of me...So I launched him into some water and shocked it, then I started killing more and more. After a few hours of rampaging I started doing some more missions. Then I got a new ability, obviously I had to test it, so I did, those civilians never saw it coming. As I did more story my choices remained good, until I messed up and chose the wrong thing. Then I started going evil in story as well. Which ended up being far more fun.

Okay now to get to the point the reason I tend to do this is because most of these games aren't as fun when you're good, sure you feel good because you did the right thing, but it's always scripted. But when you're bad you can have soooo much more fun, like in Fable 2, being good sucked, but if you were evil the game would actually be a little fun, like you could rename people rude names, or rob places, seduce men's wives and have sex with them in their own house. But what could you do to be good? Dance and give them money, wohoo.

Why can't there be more things to do if you're good?

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The best villains never think they are evil. Big Boss and Magneto for example. If a game is going to allow for an "evil path" it shouldn't be clear, they should bait you with power and control, and by the time you've realized you've chosen a machiavellian path it's too late.