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The Joker And Harley Quinn Run Wild In The Batman: Arkham City Comic Series

Illustration for article titled The Joker And Harley Quinn Run Wild In The emBatman: Arkham City/em Comic Series

Comic artist Carlos D'Anda expertly captures the insane intensity of Gotham City's most diabolical duo in this exclusive peek at the cover art for Batman: Arkham City issue three.


Written by video game scribe and Harley Quinn creator Paul Dini, the Arkham City comic book series deals with the establishment of the new Arkham compound that becomes Batman's criminal stomping grounds in the sequel to the smash-hit Batman: Arkham Asylum. The twisted city arises despite cries of protests from human rights groups and one millionaire Bruce Wayne, and when the Joker and Harley Quinn become two of the new facility's first "residents", tensions rise to a fever pitch.

Get ready for the upcoming blockbuster videogame with this exciting lead-in miniseries written by the game's writer, Paul Dini (BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM). The focus this issue shifts to The Clown Prince of Crime and his crazed paramour, as The Joker and Harley Quinn set up their new love nest in the old Gotham Steel Mill. What role are they looking to play in the new Arkham City - and is Batman even in a position to do anything about it?


Carlos D'Anda lovingly captures the pair's psychosis, distilling the menace of Harley and Mr. J into a single, striking image for the cover of issue three.

Issue three is due out in June, with the first two issues due out in early and late May respectively. Dini and D'Anda wrap it up in issue five, well in advance of the game's October release for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Illustration for article titled The Joker And Harley Quinn Run Wild In The emBatman: Arkham City/em Comic Series

Cover Art for Batman: Arkham City Issue Three

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I said it before to my friends, and if I said it here, I'll say it again:

When it comes to some super villains and bad guys, you got your ego running in the back of your mind and thinking "I could probably take this guy".

But when the Joker walks in and smiles his evil smile, that thought is replaced with "Oh Shit... I'M GONNA DIE!"

Unless your Batman, a member of the Justice League, or a cop. But even so, that little voice might be in the back of your mind.

...unless your Batman.

Are you Batman?