El Shaddai, If Nothing Else, Is One Gorgeous Video Game

The makers of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron don't clutter their game with health bars and point-counters.* They don't put anything in the way of the beautiful game they're creating, one of the head-turners at PAX East in Boston this past weekend.


I hadn't followed the game closely. Its name is alphabet soup, its story and gameplay a mystery to me. But, wow, does it look pretty. I shot this will Ignition Entertainment's Shane Bettenhausen, invigorated by a slice of pizza during his third day demoing the game, played through this early part of the game.

El Shaddai is scheduled for release in Japan in a few weeks. It will be out in America this fall. I can't vouch for its gameplay, but it is a beauty.


*If you're wondering how you can tell if the hero is hurt, that's shown by how much of his armor has fallen off.

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I hope people who aren't familiar with Judeo-Christian mythology don't interpret this as even a vaguely accurate adaptation. Japan has a nasty habit of reaching into the old and new testament for inspiration but not doing a full background check. Not too different when western IP's take inspiration from eastern mythology and religion.

I think I recall the creator of Evangelion saying that he took his inspiration from Judaism just because he thought it sounded cool, not because it would have a direct impact on the story.