Zynga Buys Company That Made a Facebook Game I Really Liked

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Last year, I praised the Facebook game Lucky Space, a space-mining strategy game, for being a) more complex than the average Facebook game and b) fun. Then I forgot to keep playing it, and at some point, perhaps recently, the game was yanked from Facebook?

Why? (And isn't that weird?)

The answer may well be because the company behind the game, A Bit Lucky, is moving on up. The FarmVille folks at Zynga just bought them for an undisclosed amount of money and now they're going to expand Zynga's range of "midcore" games. And if you're like me and not sure what in the world "midcore" means, here's one of their PR guys breaking that down: "we're talking about a deeper gameplay experience that's attractive to a wide range of players, and definitely enjoyed by core gamers, as well."


OK. Sounds good?

A Bit Lucky's next project is Solstice Arena, which Zynga general manager Bill Jackson describes as "an awesome multi-player (and multi-platform) game." Sadly, the official Solstice Arena website is nearly barren of specifics other than to say it is slated for tablets, Mac and PC.

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"midcore games?" I think they misspelled mediocre. M I RITE?