Most of the Facebook games that I try lack something important. They don't ask me to make interesting choices. They just let me click a lot. They let me do obvious things like collect 10 of this thing so I can build one of that thing.

Interesting choices, however, are what the best games are made out of.

Even Tetris if full of interesting choices. Deciding what to do with that L piece as it drops to the bottom of the screen is more interesting than most of the in-game decisions I've ever had to make in FarmVille, Adventure World or Empires and Allies.


Good news! I've found a new Facebook game that does let me make interesting choices. And I've made a movie out of my most recent session with it so you can decide if it's for you. It's called Lucky Space.
The game may look like just a FarmVille in space, but, right from the start, it asks me to ... think. It asks me to plan what I do carefully, crunching numbers, balancing systems, mixing in the benefits of random discovery with the byproducts of careful space-base management.

I've been playing Lucky Space daily for a few days and feel better about it than any other Facebook game I've tried. If terms like "tech tree" and "power grid" get your heart racing, or if you just want to play a Facebook game where it feels like your choices matter as much as your zeal to treadmill through the game, then give it a shot.

If I didn't think this game was something special, I wouldn't have made the 11-minute movie of my most recent session of it. Give it a look.

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