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Zune Phone or Xbox Zune Announcement Coming At CES?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry may have spilled some beans about Microsoft's upcoming CES showing.

According to the analyst, and Wired's Gadget Lab seems to buy it, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be announcing a Zune-style mobile device during his keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next month.

The device is said to include "motion enhancement features" like an accelerometer, a large, multimedia-friendly screen and a keyboard.


What's that mean for gaming? Well if nothing else, I'm sure we will see an explosion of portable gaming hit this new Zune device, perhaps even that long awaited Live Anywhere software. But Gadget Lab seems to think that perhaps this device may not be a phone at all, maybe it will be a web-enabled portable Xbox Zune.

On the surface that seems plausible, what with NVidia making a special chip for a mobile Microsoft product, and Microsoft being the only gaming hardware company out there without a portable device for gaming. But with the economy crashing down around our ears, is now really the time for that? It all depends on the price.


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