Zounds! A New Wii Controller Patent?! No.

What the?! Another Nintendo controller peripheral? This recently published US Patent and Trademark Office filing would certainly convince one to believe so! That is, until one looked at the date of the patent application submission, which dates back to 2005. Sure, the patent was published on June 28 of this year, but it references foreign application data that predates the official unveiling of the Wii Remote prototype.

While it may look like a snazzy Wavebird-style controller shell, what we think we're seeing is merely the original patent for the Wii Classic Controller. That device thankfully dropped the need for multiple controller shells — others in the style of SNES and NES pads are also in the patent — and kept the Wii Remote tethered to the controller by a cord, not slotted in as seen above.


Feel free to poke around the patent, linked below, for drawings of Wii controller patents that you can color and make your own!

Game Controller Device [USPTO - thanks, Jim!]

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