Zone of the Enders Sparkles in HD

Zone of the Enders. Not Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's most well-known work, but it's well-known enough (or Konami are desperate enough) to be getting a HD re-release. Here's the collection's E3 trailer.


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I don't like the animation and character designs. They seems rather lazy for such a big and stylized project, if you'll ask me. Dunno why people think so highly of it (unless it's they're blinded by excitement to play the games). It's not horrid. But, it's certainly not as good as people make it out to be.

A game with amazing anime openings is Suikoden. I only played Suikoden V (yeah, the one with a CG opening lol). But, I watched them on Youtube and was fairly impressed by the quality (the style was OK. Nothing terribly exciting).

Anyways. I'm a huge fan of ZOE and I can't wait to play the HD collection.