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Either there were no games worth Yahtzee reviewing this week, or recent developments in the gaming webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del have frustrated him as much as they've frustrated me and he decided he needed to vent. Yahtzee hides behind the view of making fun of all webcomics in a generic fashion until he gets to the bit about a whacky webcomic shifting gears to do a story on the female character having a miscarriage. This is exactly what happened in Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del, a comic I've long been a fan of but can suddenly not stomach.


While the hardcore fans have been defending him and calling him brave and such, the more...I suppose softcore fans like myself have just stared at the comics wondering why the hell he would do such a thing. Very special episodes were great for TV sitcoms in the 80's, but suddenly tossing a dead baby into your whacky webcomic just isn't quite the same. </

Zero Punctuation [The Escapist]


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