Zeratul Player Saves Heroes Of The Storm Team From Certain Defeat

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Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve played more than 150 Heroes of the Storm games as Zeratul and it somehow never occurred to me during those many, many hours spent with the badass StarCraft II assassin that I could save my team from the outermost brink of defeat. Or at least in this way.


See, Zeratul has a so-called “heroic ability” that unlocks at level 10 that conjures up what looks like a large dome of Jell-O, freezing anything—friend or foe—that’s trapped inside for a valuable few seconds.

YouTuber and Reddit-er JJ TheMighty used this Jell-O casting move (technically, it’s called a “Void Prison,” though I prefer to think that Zeratul summoning a huge mound of Jell-O is official StarCraft canon) on his own team’s core right when it was about to be destroyed by their opposition:

The Void Prison gave his team a window of opportunity they used to destroy the enemy base in turn.

I’m definitely going to have to use this trick next time the health for my team’s core drops into the single digits.

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I just started playing Heroes of the Storm again, and Zeratul is my new main. That dude is so much fun to play with - besides the entertaining stealth and shank aspect, the void prison is a lot of fun to use, and one hell of a double-edged sword; either you can completely save the game for your team (like above), or you can, uhm, do this: