Zeno Clash Characters Now Ready For Wacky Garry's Mod Situations

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The charitable developers at ACE Team have released the first batch of downloadable content for their first-person brawler Zeno Clash. Sorry, these aren't new levels or knuckle skins, but new models for Garry's Mod.


That means the bizarre cast of characters from Zeno Clash is yours for the goofy manipulating in Garry's Mod, meaning even crazier machinima and screen caps await us. The Zeno Clash model pack includes 70 character, creature and weapon models from the independently developed game.

ACE Team says the downloadable content pack represents the first free DLC offering, hopefully implying they're following the Valve model to keep interest in the game beyond the first month. And hopefully, the inclusion of Zeno Clash meshes in future episode of Half-Life: Full Life Consequences!!


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I haven't played Garry's Mod in a long time. Did they ever bring the Left 4 Dead characters into that game?