Illustration for article titled Zen Bound 2 Brings Its Gyroscope-Enhanced Awesomeness To The iPhone

Zen Bound 2, previously exclusive to the iPad, is now available for the iPhone. It takes advantage of the iPhone 4's retina display and gyroscope to bring butter-like smoothness to the beautiful game.


Zen Bound 2 carries the same premise as the original Zen Bound: wrap up floating, rotating figurines with a rope. With the gyroscope involved everything feels slightly silkier and roping those damn totems now feels even more natural (not like I know what that really feels like). And the improved graphics are noticeable thanks to the Retina Display.


At $2.99 (used to be $8!), it's a great buy for anyone who has an iPhone 4 or iPad. And since it's a universal update, those that already had it on the iPad can get it for free. iOS 3.1+ [iTunes]

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