Zelda-Themed Animal Crossing Town Is Crazy Impressive

There are impressive Animal Crossing towns, and then there's this: an incredible recreation of Koholint from the Game Boy game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, presented as if it's a dream world of its own.

Check out the video—it's quite well done.

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Call me a wet balloon (or whatever people say) but I'm getting kind of bored of all these things. "Person recreates this pixel thing in minecraft!" "Person makes a bunch of custom patterns of game sprite in Animal Crossing!"

Even when it's something really impressive... I realize it might take someone a year to sit and build all of the freaking Pokemon world with Legos, but... you're essentially looking at some pixels and copying them exactly. It's "impressive" that it took you forever to do that but... why?

I could sit and take the Kingdom Hearts II official strategy guide, and rewrite all the text but cutting out magazine clippings of each letter and pasting them on posterboard. Would take me years, and tons of posterboards. And anyone who saw it would go "Wow!"

... But what exactly did I just do? It took essentially NO creativity (I came up with that idea JUST NOW... wasn't that hard), the actual work was easy as crap, just stupidly tedious, and it took me forever to create something that people will look at for five seconds and maybe share around on the internet for a bit and forget about the next day.

Like, it's just copypasta that takes a REALLY LONG TIME to cook. But you're not even really DOING anything. You're just... wasting a crapton of time so that people go "Look, someone did this. Wow."

I mean... you could spend the SAME amount of time doing all the building, and a little more time designing something unique and original. I don't care if it's a fan-based work, that's fine! But when it's just a direct copy of something else using a different medium (barely — pixels on the gameboy vs pixels on 3ds is not even that different X_X) it's hardly interesting. Impressive that people bothered to do it... but... IDK... it's just very... lacking.

Aika Village completely blew me away. Even if people don't like the 'story' or theme or thing it's too symbolic or whatever — it's so creative and so much work went into the design and planning. Every last inch of that town was thought out and creative. THAT is something impressive.

Copying pixels into the pattern drawing thing... laying those patterns on the ground in a predictable order... not seeing the value in that.