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Aonuma scooped up another branch and killed the construct, but not before the new branch was “badly damaged,” text I absolutely hated reading while playing BotW. Once done with the fight, Aonuma showed another of Link’s abilities.


The possibilities with Fuse are expansive

After exploring more of the Sky Island, Aonuma came up to a boulder sitting on a cliffside. With the “badly damaged” branch in Link’s hand, Aonuma highlighted the boulder and fused it with the piece of wood, creating a “makeshift hammer.” This Fuse ability is a new option in Link’s toolkit, allowing him to stick objects together to create new weapons with various effects. Aonuma took that MacGyver’d hammer and bludgeoned two other constructs with it, noting that this new weapon had “much better durability.” That’s good.

So you could, for example, take a short weapon and make it much longer. Or, as in Aonuma’s other example, fuse a long stick with a much longer pitchfork to create a weapon that lets you poke enemy’s from a great distance away. You could also combine arrows with items in your inventory to make things like homing arrows and ice bolts, which makes the Fuse ability perfect for in-game hunting. Aonuma hinted that the possibilities are expansive and open up new gameplay opportunities and methods to approach difficult combat situations.

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While I don’t find the weapon degradation mechanic particularly exciting, it always did introduce an element of freneticism and inspiration, forcing you to think on your feet in the heat of battle. Something like Utlra Age had a smart way of incorporating weapon breaking into its core gameplay mechanics, so it’s cool seeing Nintendo iterate on the divisive feature for Tears of the Kingdom.