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Zelda Tattoo Covers This Woman's Entire Back

Illustration for article titled emZelda/em Tattoo Covers This Womans Entire Back

There are Zelda fans, and then there are Zelda fans. Chrisaixa is a Zelda fan.

Based on a piece of art done by Purrdemonium, she's had her entire back covered by this epic Majora's Mask tattoo. If you thought saving Termina was rough, the healing on this must have been worse.


The tattoo was done by done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour.

Zelda Tattoo [TheGreatKeaton, via Fashionably Geek]

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Attention whoring and ruining a perfectly fine body at its best. I have nothing against tattoos, but this is just fucking stupid. All these people are going to regret the retarded shit they permanently put on their bodies when they're older.