Zelda, MGS And More, Japanese Game Creators Talk 2010

This year could be a huge year for video games. That's what folks say every year, and that's what we are saying about this one.

In the upcoming issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, some of the industry's biggest names talk about their current projects and hinted at things to come. Let's have a look:

• Hideo Kojima: He thinks that 3D televisions will become the norm. Kojima declare this year the "Year of Peace Walker". He also mentioned that Peace Walker will have a very long story and expressed his desire to make another home console title.


• Ryozo Tsujimoto: When asked what's going on with the next Monster Hunter, Tsujimoto replied, "Well, what should we do?" When Famitsu asked if there will be a sudden announcement, he told the magazine to look forward to something.

• Jun Takeuchi: The Resident Evil 5 talked about the necessity of appealing to a world-wide audience.

• Akihiro Hino: The Level-5 CEO announced that there will be a "surprising announcement" this year.

• Eiji Aonuma: When asked whether the game will go on sale this year, "We're doing everything we can to have people play the game as soon as possible." At the year's E3, he says he'd like to have something in playable form. (However, this is not confirmation it will happen, it is just his desire.)


Other designers sounded off as well. SEGA's Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza, Super Monkey Ball) talked about the importance doing titles that stand out, while Square Enix mentioned it was working on a number of non-Dragon Quest titles.

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