Coming November 15 to an iTunes near you, Arranger is a madcap musical adventure that stitches together a Zelda-style RPG, WarioWare-esque mini-games and King's Quest questing and style into an epic tale of world-saving and saxophone-playing.

Arranger is the creation of musician Arman Bohn, who according to the official announcement press release is "former bandmate of several Death Cab for Cutie members". How anyone has ever sold a game without that line in the official copy is beyond me.

All I really need to know about the game to assume I will enjoy the hell out of it is these three bullet points:

• A groundbreaking interactive soundtrack with genres including funk, techno, new age, pop, power ballad, lullaby, jazz, and hip-hop.
• Discover and master 16 different instruments ranging from guitar to xylophone – each with their own attributes and weaponry – then engage in musical battle again an army of enemy bosses.
• Over 5,000 musical combat configurations


I might have to fight Kirk over this one. Or just buy it on Thursday for $.99.