Yup, You'll Be Able To Buy A Mega Man 9 Box

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Get with the wrestling, Fahey. Capcom announced today that, thanks to popular demand incessant shrieking, they'll be making the brilliant Mega Man 9 "retail" press package available to the public through their online store. To refresh, you'll get a cardboard box and a replica NES cart, and maybe even the assets disc that was sent out (ie a bunch of screenshots and artwork). But if you want one, get to your sprinter's blocks: Capcom say they "just can't get our hands on enough of the raw materials to make as many as we would like", and that as such, when they go on sale, they're going to be "exceedingly rare". Capcom Store News you can Use [Capcom]



This reminds me of the AVGN.

"I love the Powerglove, it's sooo baaad!"

Sure, the original tacky boxart is a cult classic now, but it just can't be emulated this easy. After playing 30ish (every original, gameboy, X, Zero, ZX) games and seeing no middle-aged Megaman, this just makes me cringe.