Yup, MotionPlus Ships Inside A Rubber Prison

Illustration for article titled Yup, MotionPlus Ships Inside A Rubber Prison

Those whispers were right on the money: as you can see from the new Wii accessory's packaging, MotionPlus will ship not as an elegant little add-on, but as a cumbersome rubber straitjacket.


Yes, Nintendo needed to get a "new" jacket out there for insurance/legal reasons. And yes, like the old jacket, we're sure MotionPlus just pops right out. But still.

Hopefully this is just a temporary stop-gap, and Nintendo start shipping a new Wii Remote with this technology built-in.

[via Go Nintendo]



No wonder Greenpeace hates Nintendo; they waste so much friggin' rubber...what are people gonna do with all their CURRENT Wiimote condoms? Melt 'em down?