Yup, Looks Like There'll Be A Skate 3

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Sounds like EA are already hard at work on Skate 3. Not the most shocking thing you'll read today, since it is an EA title, but still, it's a great series, so news of more games is always welcome.


Schmitty, from Skate website Epicly Trife, has posted on his Twitter account "I just got told 'tonight we gotta celebrate', one of the bro's got offered to be in SKATE 3". Which reader Ultimate Russ, who first spotted the news, deduces to be skater Chet Childress.

We're cool with a third Skate, on one condition: it has another overblown, live-action intro.


As with all rumours, we've contacted EA. Will let you know if we hear back.

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Still haven't played the first two... slow your role there EA