Yup, 360 Elite Goes $299 On August 30

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And so it begins. This is a page from the latest Wal-Mart catalogue, due August 30, advertising the Xbox 360 Elite at $299, a whole $100 cheaper than its current price.

With Meijer's catalogue also advertising a $299 Elite for August 30, let's end the conjecture right here. This is definitely happening.


What's fascinating is not the fact the Elite is $100 cheaper, it's that we now - finally - have the 360 and PS3 going toe-to-toe in the marketplace. Both consoles are $299, both have 120GB HDDs, both have HDMI, both are...black.

Be interesting to see what impact each console's bullet-point deal-breaker - Blu-Ray for PS3, Netflix for 360 - has on sales.

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PS3 has wifi built in.

360 doesn't.

360 has an HDMI cable.

PS3 doesn't.

PS3 has Blu-Ray.

360 has Netflix [and instanton in the future].

PS3 has cheaply upgradable hard drives.

360 caps at 120gb.

Who wins here based on hardware alone?

...i think the answer to that is more than obvious.

edit: does the 360 Elite have an HDMI cable now or no? The picture doesn't show one but i'm almost certain mine came with one..